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Connect with us from your own comfort...

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We can reach a broader patient base and offer flexible scheduling.

At VIVA BLOOM our team will diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication when needed. 

Early intervention and monitoring can lead to better health outcomes, especially for chronic conditions.

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General Medical 

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Common illnesses

We're here to diagnose and give you a treatment plan - for these common illnesses:

  • Coughs, colds, flu and strep

  • Medication refills

  • Stomach and digestive issues

  • Infections (ear, sinus, skin, UTI)

Chronic diseases and screenings

Did your sugar spike? Or maybe you need allergy relief. See us during clinic hours for help with:

  • Allergy symptoms & testing

  • Chronic disease management - diabetes, thyroid, etc.

  • High blood pressure screenings


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Whats Tele-health?

Allow a real-time video consultations between patients and healthcare providers, allowing for diagnosis, treatment, and medical advice without the need for in-person visits.

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When I NOT use Tele-health?

If you or someone you are with is experiencing a life-threatening situation, such as severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, loss of consciousness, or signs of a stroke, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

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How to prepared for a my Telehealth appointment ?

  • Good lighting 

  • Find a quiet and private space.

  • Charge your device.

  • Set up backup communication.

  • Write down your questions.

  • Follow instructions. 

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What happen if I get disconnected? 

If you get disconnected, the provider will make another effort to connect with you. If we are unable to reconnect, please arrange another appointment when you are able. You will not be charged for a visit until we provide you with a treatment plan.

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