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At VIVA BLOOM our team of experienced medical professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible the same level of care you will receive in an Urgent Care or ER. We offer various medical services, including x-ray orders, lab tests, PO, IV, IM medications, IV fluids for hydration, prescriptions, and more.


If you are experiencing a Medical Emergency CALL 911 or go to the nearest Emergency room!!!



If you do not have or we are not contracted with your insurance company, VIVA Bloom Primary Care and Aesthetics accepts payment of a flat rate of $350 at the time of treatment via credit card or debit card. This flat rate is for everything we will do during our evaluation and case-by-case assessment and treatment, including medications administered, procedures performed, and on-site lab testing. A third-party service provider may be recommended in certain circumstances, including imaging, labs, prescriptions, or other healthcare services. In these cases, the patient will be billed separately for those services offered. Our accepted payment methods include credit, debit, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA), and flexible spending account (FSA) payments.

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